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More Christmas Events are coming!

Time: 2015-12-18 00:25

Dear Players!

Merry Christmas! 

More Christmas Events are coming! 

I. Single Top-Up

II. Time-Limit Polish

*During event time, after successfully upgrade Polish by 1 Star, players can obtain Limit-Time Blessing values to upgrade the gear. *Players can upgrade the gear to 10 Stars.

*Obtained Limit-Time Blessing values will be available only during the event. 

III. Decorate Christmas Tree

*Players can exchange different decorations with lollipops and can receive rewards after decorating the Christmas tree.

*After finishing decorating the whole Christmas tree, players can obtain 80 Doflamingo’s fragments. 

*Players can receive 20 lollipops for free per day on event UI. 

*Players can receive 20 lollipops at most per day after challenging Story Battle & Elite Battle. 

One Piece 2 Operation Team

Dec 18 , 2015