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Bartholemew Kuma Is Coming Soon In April!

Time: 2016-03-31 21:55

Dear Players:

We will meet Bartholemew Kuma on April 1st , 2016, he will be your powerful crew!Here are some guide for your reference how to build your formation.

Bartholemew Kuma

Kuma’s Ogi skill-[Ursus Shock] deals both normal and Skill Power DMG to the whole team with Slow Down debuff for 2 rounds and Kuma’s passive skill-[Tyrant] has set chance of revival after dying which ensure Kuma to be able to attack and defend perfectly in all battles.


Doctor, Kuma, Luffy [Valentine], Hancock [Valentine], Perona



*It is no denying that the formation is the best one for now. Luffy [Valentine] Stun for 2 rounds with a chance for Crit. Hit. Moreover, Kuma and Hancock [Valentine] deal both normal and Skill Power DMG for the whole enemy team. Cooperated with Perona’s Ogi skill-[Negative Ghost] clear CD of Ogi skill for all allies and All Debuffs, opponents will be defeated in 2 rounds.

*Kuma and Luffy[Valentine] can be used for half-tank to stand in the first row. If one of crew members is killed by Sniper accidently, the crew member with lowest HP can be revived for Doc’s Ogi skill-[Blessing of Might], which will make your opponent in deep desperation.

Overall Evaluation

Practicality :★★★★★




Rob Lucci

Lucci’s Ogi skill-[Rokuogan] deal normal DMG to target enemy with Tekki buff for 1 round and attract all enemies’ normal attack for 1 round makes him a perfect tank.


Doctor, Rob Lucci, Foxy, Zombie Oars, Perona



*With Rob Lucci’s Ogi skill, players can win the first round smoothly and slow down opponent’s speed at the end of battle rounds.

*In the second round, players can continue to use Zombie Oars to Stun the whole enemy team for 1 round. After 2 rounds, the whole battle will be under your control. If this doesn’t work properly, players can use Perona to clear CD of Ogi skill for all allies and All Debuffs to try again.

*Doctor’s Ogi skill-[Envenomed] can deal great DMG to enemies.

*As Zombie Oars’ Ogi skill is non-instant, it is very important to Slow Down or Stun enemies to save more time for Oars.


Overall Evaluation

Practicality :★★★★





Kaku is a qualified DPS that can deal great DMG to enemies. Each one of his skills is for dealing more DMG!



Sailor, Kaku, Trafalgar Law, Vista, Robin



*This formation features high DMG dealt. Sailor’s Ogi skill-[Additional Strike] can cast 12 normal attacks and 1 Ogi skill effect at cross rows.

*Players can arrange your formation properly according to current situation. Players can replace Vista with Inazuma who may bring unexpected results as Inazuma’s Ogi skill can interrupt enemy to cast skill.


Overall Evaluation

Practicality :★★★★



Warm Regards

OP2 Operation

April 1, 2016