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Server Merge Notice

Time: 2017-01-03 21:17

Dear Players:

More merges are coming! Players from the servers listed below, please get ready for your first serve merge!

EU S60-66,  US S111-116

The server mege will begin at in-game time 1:00(US) / 8:00(EU) on 4 Jan, 2017

Maintenance time will take about 2 hours. 

Merge gifts and server merge events will be waiting for you! 

And here are some rules that you should know(Q&A):

Q: What is Server Merge?

A: The meaning of Server Merge: to combine Server data of two or more Servers into one Server. In brief, players from different servers can play together.


Q: When Server Merge starts?

A: It is estimated that the first merge will be in one week. During that time, all servers will be down for a few hours, so players in S1,S2,S3 can’t log in.


Q: What about my characters, do they still exist after Server Consolidation?

A: Absolutely yes! We will retain all data of players, such as data of diamond, level, gear, battle, fame, friends, league, level of league…

BUT: All Ranking Data will be RESET, including Arena Rank.


Q: If I have one account which contains two different characters in different servers, how to load into the game one by one?

A: Server Entrance remains unchanged. Player will still login the game at the entrance where they used to be.

So if you have different characters in different servers, you can select the server you want to log in at the game entrance like before. And then select another server to log in your different character.


Q: If my name is same with someone else's, what will happen? And what about pirate team?

A: After the Server Consolidation, there'll be a [Server No.] before your character's name and also your pirate team's name.


xxx → [S1]xxx


Q: Is the charge system same as before?

A: When players top-up after server merge, they still select the same server as before.


Q: My friend has an account, but he/she doesn't play it for a long time, will his/her characters be deleted?

A: Rules for deleting characters are as follows:

I.                    Players who haven't loaded into this character for over 15 days.

II.                  Level of this character doesn't reach 30 level.

III.                Players who have never charged into this character.

Character will be deleted if ALL conditions of above fit.

3 Jan, 2017

OP2 Operation Team